Area of Activity

AZPI Electronics Ltd and EXPO Nauka Interactive Ltd working together under umbrella brand EXPONI deal with planning and building hands-on exhibitions for children’s museums, science centres, educational and corporate information centres.

Key Objectives

Innovation oriented economy is not possible without involvement of young, talented people loving science, believing that “practice is a criterion of truth”, enjoying experimenting and research, capable to generate and implement new ideas, as well as to solve challenging technical problems and to utilize efficiently the latest science and technology achievements. Key features of those people are creativity, open minded behavior,  desire to explore everything on their own experience, freedom from mental stereotypes.

We believe that by building interactive exhibitions, science centres and museums we facilitate solving important tasks:

  • encouragement of creativity, imagination, curiosity, desire for learning and experimenting;

  • provision of vocational guidance through demonstrating attractiveness and prestige of working as an engineer, scientist or researcher in the science and technology sector;

  • science communication and popularization of technological achievements.





Projects Done

The range of the projects we fulfilled varies greatly both in size (from delivery of several hands-on exhibits to fitting out a big Science Centre) and in nature (from provision of consulting service to “turn-key” projects including concept development as well as fabrication, installation and commissioning of the exhibits and staff training).  Our track of record in Russia includes implementation of the School of the Future programme; concept development and fit out of the interactive museum of Moscow planetarium; delivery of hands-on exhibits for “Zazerkalje” exhibition; planning and fitting out of the Information-Exhibition Centre of Gazprom transgaz Yugorsk; master-plan development for Children’s Interactie Centre in St.-Petersburg; and many other projects.

Photos illustrating some of our projects are presented below in this presentation.

Наша команда

Главный актив ГК ЭКСПОНИ - сплоченная команда опытных и квалифицированных специалистов, которые способны помочь в решении любых вопросов, касающихся разработки и изготовления интерактивных экспонатов, создания научно-познавательных центров, выставочных и музейных экспозиций.

Наши партнеры

Мы   работаем  в  тесном  сотрудничестве  с  немецкой  компанией  Kurt Hüttinger   GmbH   &   Co.KG,  чьи  интересы  наша организация эксклюзивно представляет в странах СНГ.

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